Sales are our passion

We are the RECA Group, a successful and international group of companies that has its roots in direct sales.

What sets us apart from others are, above all, the people who work for us and the way we deal with each other. We cultivate appreciation, cohesion and honesty in our daily dealings with each other and uphold these values vis-à-vis our international clients too. Our concern is: to find the best solutions for our global customers and employees.

With our focus always on the goal: we actively promote change and process optimisation – constantly on the lookout for potential for improvement. To achieve this, we need inquisitive go-getters and enthusiasts – real people with a strong personality and drive who want to make a difference using their own initiative.



Joining us is worthwhile.

Corporate culture
You can rely on us… You can rely on us. From the very beginning, you will be part of a valued team. We stand by each other, share our expertise and celebrate our successes together.
Further training
As a holistic solution provider… As a holistic solution provider, we foster the individual skills of our employees. To this end, we have developed various career models that focus on expanding your strengths. Both specialist and management careers are open to you.
Flat hierarchies
Open and on an equal footing – that’s what defines us… Open and on an equal footing – that’s what defines us. We interact closely with each other and everyone can contribute. This characterises the way we collaborate in times of digitalisation and service orientation.
Health management
The health of our employees is of the utmost importance to us. The health of our employees is of the utmost importance to us.
This is what the employees of the RECA Group have to say
André – RECA France
Petr – RECA spol. Tschechien
Tobias – RECA NORM GmbH
Felix – Kellner & Kunz AG
Ilda – RECA d.o.o. Sarajevo
This is what the employees of the RECA Group have to say
André – RECA France
My focus: The RECA product world

In 2002, I started as a sales representative at RECA NORM. With the help of the personnel development measures, I discovered my passion for managerial roles. Motivating employees, bearing responsibility and making decisions – that’ s what excites me. I have expanded my strengths and within four years have worked my way up to become a regional sales manager.

As it is not just sales and management that are firmly anchored in my DNA, but also my love of RECA products, I switched to product management in 2016. Since 2021, I have been Product Marketing Manager with my area of expertise ranging from product training to pricing.

Putting people first

For me, RECA France has become my RECA family. Interaction between colleagues is based on mutual respect and is particularly unique as are the pleasant atmosphere and teamwork.

With us, it’s not who you are, but what you do with it that counts. RECA France offers the perfect foundation for this.

Variety that motivates

Every day, something new awaits me in my field of responsibility for RECA products. This includes testing and introducing new products, but also creative challenges and sales campaigns for them. I am constantly in contact with other companies and their Product Management, Marketing, Export or Purchasing departments.

Petr – RECA spol. Tschechien
An appreciative atmosphere in the RECA Group

The atmosphere in the RECA Group is friendly; you might say it’s a real RECA family! My work is very motivating. I particularly enjoy the excellent cooperation with competent colleagues around the world. Not only this, I am constantly learning something new. At RECA Czech Republic, I am responsible for the e-business activities and for our sales solution in addition to assisting management. I also enjoy being of assistance to my international colleagues when it comes to implementing our sales solution in specific countries.

The time spent at RECA is full of awesome moments.
What motivates me most is that my work really makes sense! I especially appreciate it when I can help customers or colleagues solve their problems.

International exchange and synergies are harnessed
I work very closely with Kellner & Kunz. I am in frequent contact with many colleagues from the IT department, Customer Management, Controlling, Product Management and Sales. In the product area, collaboration is very valuable and we use the synergies within the group. This is very important for us to be able to operate successfully on the local market.

Tobias – RECA NORM GmbH
Tobias Frodl
Diversity is what makes my work at RECA NORM so special.

Every day at work, I assist our foreign subsidiaries in all matters relating to marketing, products, logistics, finance and HR. It is precisely because of this diversity and the contact with different personalities that I enjoy my job. I am also motivated by the rich market potential and the conviction that we are heading in the right direction with our predefined strategy.

Regular international exchange

As a company advisor, I am the link to our foreign subsidiaries, which means that I am given exciting insights and new inspiration. What excites me most are the synergies that are created through close cooperation, as in the areas of compliance and employer branding, for example.

A familiar atmosphere and being there for each other

The combination of supporting each other and having an informal approach are what makes RECA NORM unique for me. Every employee is given the opportunity to try things out and make a difference under their own steam. There are no limits to the development opportunities as RECA NORM is committed to the further development of its employees. There have been many wonderful moments so far that I have been fortunate enough to experience. These include achieving new sales records or milestones, and successfully implementing various projects.

Felix – Kellner & Kunz AG
Working together with respect and as equals in the RECA Group

The great thing is that you feel confident enough very quickly to make your own decisions. There is a lot of scope for further development and the flat hierarchies mean that colleagues from different departments and countries work together with respect and as equals.

Joint, international projects in the RECA Group
In the International Industry Department, we are responsible for supporting the industrial divisions of our subsidiaries, and for taking care of our international customers who operate in countries where RECA subsidiaries do not exist yet.

A job full of variety
I enjoy working with so many different colleagues from various countries and also being present on site. A highlight for me was relocating the production facilities of an Austrian customer, who moved the entire KANBAN system to Poland at very short notice. The joint project with Austrian and Polish colleagues made it clear how well and successfully the RECA family is able to work together, even beyond national borders.

The RECA Group pursues strategic goals
Our customers are increasingly international. In the RECA Group we think beyond national borders and pursue strategic goals together. An open mindset and international cooperation are put into practice in the Group.

Ilda – RECA d.o.o. Sarajevo
A secure job in the RECA Group

The corporate group is very family-friendly. I particularly appreciated having a secure job in economically difficult times. Commitment and working responsibly are very much valued in the company and you get a lot of recognition in return.

Diverse career opportunities
The company offers excellent opportunities for advancement and in my professional career I have always been entrusted with new tasks and challenges. I started working for RECA Bosnia and Herzegovina back in 2005 and have since become an authorised signatory and head of the entire back office team. I coordinate both our sales solutions and marketing activities.

Successes are celebrated
Teamwork is very important to us, and when we achieve something together, we celebrate accordingly.  For example, we toast to success when we break sales records! I enjoy my work and this is also what motivates me most. I am especially happy that I can contribute a lot to the company.

Cultures from across the world
As I work in a wide variety of areas, I am always in contact with colleagues from the RECA Group, and I greatly appreciate being able to get to know people and cultures from other countries.

Executive Vice President RECA Group

The RECA Group consists of 27 thriving companies that are active in direct sales and industrial business. The human factor plays a decisive role and is crucial for success. All our development programmes also aim to ensure that our employees feel at ease in the company. After all, only satisfied employees generate satisfied customers.

Walter Bostelmann

Any more questions?

Would you like more information about our fields of work? Do you have any questions about applying, getting on board and career opportunities? If so, our recruiting teams at the various RECA Group companies look forward to receiving your phone call.

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